Monday, April 9, 2012

Using Jewelry To Accessorize Your Outfit

Every woman wants to look their best, especially when they are out in public.  We also know that buying a fashionable outfit alone won't cut it, so we learn early on how to accessorize.  No matter how superficial it may seem, it's just a fact of life for us that having the right accessories with the right outfit makes us feel better about ourselves.  Along with clothes, bags, shoes and makeups, jewelry is also considered as a girl’s best friend. However, some women tend to wear too many accessories, while others do not know how to pick out the right accessories to go with their outfit.

So to help us girls out with this malady, I have some jewelry accessing tips that will help you put your best fashion foot forward!

Be consistent
Stick to one type of metal or one color palette. For instance, do not wear a gold necklace with a silver necklace. Your pieces will end up clashing with one another. The best thing to do is to first determine which would go best with your outfit. Once you have decided which material to use, use it all the way. If it’s silver, wear silver necklace, earrings ring and the likes.

Avoid wearing too many accessories 
If you are already wearing a bib necklace or a necklace with a big pendant, never pair it with chandelier earrings. Always remember that you should only let one piece of jewelry be your focal point. This should be the piece that will catch people’s attention. If you wear more than one attention-catching pieces, people will be confused as to what fashion statement you are trying to achieve. Plus, you will end up looking like a Christmas tree.

When choosing a gemstone, take note of your skin tone and eye color 
It is best that the gemstone complements your skin and eyes, so that your look will be perfect. For example, peridot earrings go well with hazel eyes while gold colors are best for people who have darker skin.

Try turning your necklace into a bracelet
Have you seen those layered bracelets? Look again – it’s likely that they are not even bracelets at all. The trend now is to use necklaces as bracelets, which adds funk and an unexpected flair to your outfit.

Vintage is so in 
Instead of buying brand new pieces every now and then, why not opt for vintage ones? Vintage accessories adds drama to simple outfits, and a simple touch of vintage accessories brings elegance and style. Vintage is making a comeback.  In my eBay Store, I have hundreds of very affordable vintage pieces to choose from, some starting at an unbelievable 49 cents!

Never wear loud prints with massive jewelry 
Remember that loud prints and patterns are accessories themselves, so if you want to wear large pieces or multiple layers of jewelry, wear plain clothes and solid colors instead. This will allow your jewelry to be the highlight of your outfit.

Accessorize for the occasion
Unless it’s a simple pearl or diamond stud earrings, do not wear pearls or diamonds if you are just going to the mall. Also, simple silver jewelry will not look stunning when you wear it to a formal party. Just like finding the right outfit, you have to know which styles of jewelry are the most appropriate for the occasion.

By mastering these tips, you will always look your best and your outfit will make the best statement possible.   Be sure to check out my store.  These pieces are available now at unbelievable bargains:

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